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Art Direction
Brand Identity Development
Web & Social Media Visual Coordination

We often get confused when we work too long on a project, collection, product, service. With all the information and advice available online and offline, we no longer know who to listen to and what to do. I can help you to harmoniously and effectively connect all of your brand and visual identity elements as all of the answers are in you, we just need to find them and connect them. 

My clients often say:
"I don't know how but you manage to connect all of my chaotic ideas and you create something I didn't know was possibile yet it reflect me fully."

"Often I can't explain what I have in mind and you finish off my sentences, finish of my ideas, you know exactly what I feel without me saying it out loud."


can we work together?
yes, but we need to be in synergy.


I can organise your photo-shoot from A to Z. 

Let's find the right concept, model, location, MUA and stylist.


I can help you to find or to strengthen your "brand identity" through my consulting services.

Let's find logo, colours of your website, the fonts, background music, slogans that fully reflect your uniqueness. 


I can assist you with developing your new product / collection / service.

Let me question your ideas based on my industry knowledge in order to get the best version of whatever you work on.


I can create a mock-up / preview of your website based on your "brand-identity".

My mock-up / preview once finished, can be passed on to a technical web-designer for development. Not every technician is creative and so sometimes there is need to create  a "visual creative guide".


I can produce social media content such as photos, short-videos, copywriting.

We can meet once a week, every two weeks, once a month in order to keep your social media content updated.


I can give art direction in your video-project.

Storytelling is something I am strongly passionate about. I "feel" the place, the product, the person and then the story unravels itself. 

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